Latest Update 17th November 2015

 This page will contain the latest information relating to the Group’s activities.  It will include details of departure times, pickup points etc. when we are attending rallies plus any other miscellaneous information of interest to all visitors to this site.  Each entry will be dated with the most recent at the top of the page.


The handover from First Devon and Cornwall to Stagecoach covering the county of Devon has been completed.  This change of ownership of the services in the county has regrettably created the situation that the Group can no longer remain active in the Plymouth area.  To ensure the continuance of “The Group”, it has been agreed to transfer the title to the Cornwall Bus Preservation Group located in Penzance.  The transfer will take place at some time in the near future and the layout of this site may well change as I hand over to their Webmaster all the details currently held by me.

Finally, may I thank you all for visiting the website to examine our activities and view the photographs of our well attended and much loved Rallies on Plymouth Hoe.  You have made my task so worthwhile and most enjoyable. It has been a pleasure serving you, our supporters.

  This site has now been handed over to the organisation handling the website production on behalf of our colleagues in Cornwall.